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COVID-19 Working Practices

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have adopted specific working practices that we must make you aware of.

Please take the time to READ THESE IN FULL. These are as follows:

1. Dogs will only be collected and dropped off by The Hound Hut. No clients are to visit the grooming salon without prior consent.

2. Upon collection we will open the car boot and dog crate and step away, it is then your responsibility to place your dog in the vehicle ensuring the crate is locked shut. We will then close the boot after you have moved a safe distance away. Please ensure that you maintain social distancing during this time at a minimum of 2m away from myself.

3. Prior to dropping your dog off following the groom, you will be notified by telephone that we are en route. Please ensure you are waiting for us to arrive. Once we get to your house, please stay away from the vehicle until the boot is opened again and we step away to a safe distance. At this point we will arrange payment if not already done so and then you can collect your dog from the crate.

4. Collars and leads will be removed from your pet before the groom and placed beside the crate. Please ensure you refit these as they will NOT be on your dog when returning. This is to eliminate any cross contamination after grooming between myself and the dog’s property.

5. Payment can be made on the day via card facilities or by BACS direct to my account at least 24 hours prior to the groom taking place. If this is under £45 contactless card payment can be made. Arrangements will be made to keep a safe distance during payment transactions. NO CASH ACCEPTED.

6. Between each groom all equipment will be throughly cleaned and sanitised using anti-bacterial products. This includes the crate and bedding, dog grooming tools and grooming salon.

7. If your dog is found to be matted at their groom their coat will be shaved down with no further consent being sought from the client on the day.

8. Any time spent waiting for the client during collection or drop off will be charged at £2 per minute after the first 5 minutes. Please ensure you waiting for us.

Whilst we will work within best practices to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 is contained, we cannot accept any responsibility for the transmission of the virus through use of our services.

By undertaking the grooming of your pet, the owner accepts the associated risks attached to this and The Hound Hut accept no liability in this situation.

Please note that if I, or anyone in my household, begins to show symptoms we reserve the right to cancel the groom immediately with no minimum notice required. Your groom will be rebooked a minimum of 14-days from this point to ensure proper isolation practices have taken place.

Please ensure you maintain social distancing during this time. Stay safe and we can get back to normal procedures soon! Thank you for understanding these points during this difficult time for us all.